Course Objectives

What You'll Get Out of This Course

  • Frameworks to better understand your executive

  • Learn the core EA skills most sought after by executives

  • Recommendations on how to apply those skills to your partnership

Establishing Yourself as a Strategic Partner: Understanding Your Executive to Ultimately Build a Stronger Partnership

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    • Welcome

    • What do you hope to gain from this course?

  • 3

    What Is Strategic Support?

    • Defining Strategic

    • Evaluate Your Strategic Skillset

  • 4

    Forming the Ideal Partnership

    • Partnership Takes Two

    • Make a Great Partnership

  • 5

    Understanding Your Executive

    • Who Is Your Executive Really?

    • Get to Know Your Executive

  • 6

    What Type of Leader is Your Executive?

    • Leadership Types

    • Your Executive's Functioning

  • 7

    Establish Yourself as a Strategic Partner

    • How to Establish Yourself as a Strategic Partner

    • Assess Your Partnership

  • 8

    Time Management

    • Time Management

    • Evaluate Your Skills

  • 9


    • Prioritization

    • Your Executive's Priorities

  • 10

    Sequencing Information

    • Sequencing Information

    • Areas of Information

  • 11

    Managing Relationships

    • Managing Relationships

    • Manage Options

  • 12

    Anticipating Needs

    • Anticipating Your Executive's Needs

    • Areas of Tension

  • 13

    Effective Communication

    • Effective Communication

    • Communication Etiquette

  • 14

    Helping Leaders Grow

    • Helping Leaders Grow

    • Giving Feedback to Your Executive

  • 15

    Forming a High Impact Partnership

    • Putting It All Together

    • Improve Your Partnership

  • 16

    Growing as a Partner

    • Growing as a Partner

    • Measure Your Success in the Role

    • What Do You Wish Your Executive Knew About You?

  • 17


    • Congratulations & Thank You!

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Course Instructors

Executive Leadership Coach

Julia Quijano

Julia is an executive coach and leadership consultant working with individuals and organizations to accelerate change. She works alongside clients to help them embrace courage over comfort to achieve congruence. Over the course of her career, Julia has served as a trusted partner and advisor to c-level executives, emerging leaders, and global management teams across industries. She has supported critical decision making, crisis management, strategic planning, talent development, and diversity equity & inclusion initiatives within public corporations, growth-stage startups and venture capital firms including Salesforce, Aera Technology, and DigiTx Partners. In her pro bono work, she is dedicated to increasing access and advancing the personal and professional development of underrepresented leaders. Prior to launching her practice, Julia served as Chief of Staff to a venture-backed Artificial Intelligence startup in Silicon Valley.

Founder & CEO of Maven Recruiting Group

Jessica Vann

Jessica is the Founder and CEO of Maven Recruiting Group a renowned recruiting brand, specializing in connecting high-leverage executive and personal support hires to the nation’s most prominent individuals and companies. Since its inception in 2010, Vann's entrepreneurial spirit and leadership, in conjunction with the talented team she has assembled, have secured Maven’s spot as an industry leader, as evidenced in recognitions such as Inc Best Workplaces, Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company, San Francisco Business Times Top 100 Woman Owned-Businesses, San Francisco Business Times Fastest Growing Private Companies and San Francisco Business Times 25 Largest Staffing Firms in the Bay Area. Jessica is also the host of REACH, a podcast for Executive Assistants.


  • Tara H.

    "I really enjoyed this course. Some of the topics were things I already intuitively "knew," but it was beneficial to see them fleshed out and expanded upon, like the pillars of support and how to work with the different personas. I look forward to putting my new knowledge into action."

  • Jimin S.

    "Thank you for this wonderful course. I found a lot of the content helpful in figuring out my role and expanded my view on how much potential for growth exists in this role."

  • Trina A.

    "I really enjoyed how passionate you both were when delivering the course content. You inspired me to be a better EA and feel much more pride in what we do for our careers. You communicated clearly just how critical our roles are to supporting our partners and I am so grateful to you. Thank you."

  • Taunya J.

    "This helped put words around a lot of things I've had thoughts on but could not convey in language."