E-Course Testimonials

  • Executive Assistant to CEO, Under Armour

    I found the course extremely informative, specifically the section that focused on defining the differences between an EA and a CoS. I will absolutely recommend it to anyone in my network who is looking to make a similar shift in their career.

  • Executive Assistant, Digitas

    This was exactly what I needed. Will definitely be using all of this info as a reference of where I can continue to improve.

  • Executive Assistant, Academia

    Great course! The videos were very informative. I found the Case Studies to be the most helpful part of the course because it made me consider scenarios I haven't been in yet, but might be in soon. I now feel better prepared to think through challenges that could arise in my current position as an EA and my future role as a CoS. Thank you!

  • Executive Assistant/Office Manager, Hirsch Philanthropy Partners

    I thought the case studies were really effective for highlighting how to apply the skills and principles from this course and also enjoyed the many different ways the content was shared and elaborated on throughout the course. I'd love to see what other kinds of courses Maven puts together for continued learning at all levels of admin experience for myself and my colleagues!

  • Administrative Assistant, Nova Measuring Instruments

    Great for EAs to transition to become a Chief of Staff. This course laid the framework necessary to think like a strategic partner/Chief of Staff. It talked about the difference between breadth vs depth and how you can apply the same strategies in the role you're currently in. Definitely recommend if you see yourself working towards the goal of being a partner the executives.

  • Executive Assistant to CEO, InBrace

    The program was really beneficial in helping bridge the gap for me from a 20 year EA to the next level in my career as Chief of Staff. A very positive experience!

Employers Investing in EA Coaching


Coaching Testimonials

  • Senior Executive Business Partner

    The group coaching session will definitely set me up for success, when I get to transition into a Chief of Staff role. I have been given exposure to what the role entails and know what to expect.

  • Sr. EA to CEO, Crunchbase

    The CoS group coaching sessions taught me so much about how EAs can transition into a Chief of Staff role and the distinct difference between the two. The sessions were very informative with relevant learnings that I have already been able to implement into my current role. I definitely recommend to anyone looking to transition into or learn more about the CoS role to sign up!

  • Chief of Staff, Riot Ventures

    This cohort is an invaluable resource that every EA, new Chief of Staff or onboarding company should invest in. Not only does it provide practical curriculum, it goes a step further and creates an experience that builds confidence in your skillset and ability make meaningful change in both your career and as a crucial part of your organization. ight