• What can I expect to learn in the “Becoming a Chief of Staff” E-Course?

    By the end of the course, you can expect to: 1. Differentiate between a strategic Executive Assistant role and a Chief of Staff position 2. Apply your knowledge to any Chief of Staff scenario 3. Test and apply frameworks 4. Build your experience and resume

  • What is Group Coaching?

    Led by Julia Quijano, group coaching includes 10+ hours of coaching. Harness incredible wisdom, collective experience and shared challenges as you explore your unique strengths and areas of growth alongside your peers from across various organizations and industries.

  • How many group coaching cohorts are there & when do they start?

    For 2023, we have two group coaching cohorts you can choose from. The first cohort begins in May and the second cohort begins in September.

  • When are the Individual Coaching sessions?

    Whenever you want them to be! Individual coaching is designed to be flexible with your schedule and your specific needs. *Sessions must be used within 1 year of purchase and do not roll over.

  • What does Individual Coaching include?

    This program provides over 12 hours of personalized coaching including 1 Discovery Session (90mins), 10 individual coaching sessions (60mins), 1 Post-Program Check-In Call (30mins) & Individualized exercises and assessments tailors to your growth.

  • Are there options for companies who'd like to have private group coaching?

    Yes! Ask us about Private Coaching so we can create a tailored group coaching experience specific to your organization's needs.

  • Who can I reach out to if I have specific questions that aren't addressed here?

    Please email any specific questions to Julia at julia@jqcollective.com

  • Can I hire Jessica and Julia to facilitate an Admin Event or Team Workshop?

    Yes! Please email Julia at julia@jqcollective.com for more information.