• What can I expect to learn in the “Becoming a Chief of Staff” E-Course?

    By the end of the course, you can expect to: 1. Differentiate between a strategic Executive Assistant role and a Chief of Staff position 2. Apply your knowledge to any Chief of Staff scenario 3. Test and apply frameworks 4. Build your experience and resume

  • What is Team Coaching?

    Led by Julia Quijano, team coaching is our enterprise program for organizations that have large admin teams of 3 or more.

  • When are the Individual Coaching sessions?

    Whenever you want them to be! Individual coaching is designed to be flexible with your schedule and your specific needs. *Sessions must be used within 1 year of purchase and do not roll over.

  • What does Individual Coaching include?

    This program provides over 12 hours of personalized coaching including 1 Discovery Session (90mins), 10 individual coaching sessions (60mins), 1 Post-Program Check-In Call (30mins) & Individualized exercises and assessments tailors to your growth.

  • Who can I reach out to if I have specific questions that aren't addressed here?

    Please email any specific questions to Haley at [email protected].

  • Can I hire Jessica and Julia to facilitate an Admin Event or Team Workshop?

    Yes! Please email Haley at [email protected] for all speaking engagements.

  • What is your refund policy?

    All payments and services are non-refundable and non-transferable; nonetheless Client may discontinue the coaching relationship at any time.

  • What is your nondisclosure agreement?

    All information documented or verbal is bound by the principles of confidentiality and Coach agrees not to disclose for any reason whatsoever any information pertaining to the Client or Company without prior written consent. Confidential information is non-[public information including, but not limited to, technical data, trade secrets, product plans, customer lists, marketing, finances or other business information.