• What can I expect to learn in the “Becoming a Chief of Staff” E-Course?

    By the end of the course, you can expect to: 1. Differentiate between a strategic Executive Assistant role and a Chief of Staff position 2. Apply your knowledge to any Chief of Staff scenario 3. Test and apply frameworks 4. Build your experience and resume

  • Is the “Becoming a Chief of Staff” E-Course self-paced?

    Yes, however you must complete the course within 6 months of purchasing.

  • What is Group Coaching?

    Led by Julia Quijano, group coaching includes 10+ hours of coaching. Harness incredible wisdom, collective experience and shared challenges as you explore your unique strengths and areas of growth alongside your peers from across various organizations and industries.

  • How many group coaching cohorts are there & when do they start?

    Currently, we have 4 cohorts per year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

  • When are the Individual Coaching sessions?

    Whenever you want them to be! Individual coaching is designed to be flexible with your schedule and your specific needs. *Sessions must be used within 1 year of purchase and do not roll over.

  • Is this program relevant for Executive Assistants who may not be interested in the Chief of Staff role?

    Yes! Many of the concepts and frameworks we teach you can be applied to your current Executive Assistant position. Ultimately, you'll be adding skills to your toolkit.

  • What does Individual Coaching include?

    This program provides over 12 hours of personalized coaching including 1 Discovery Session (90mins), 10 individual coaching sessions (60mins), 1 Post-Program Check-In Call (30mins) & Individualized exercises and assessments tailors to your growth.

  • Is there an option for companies who'd like to have private group coaching?

    Yes! Ask us about our Enterprise Model so we can create a tailored group coaching experience specific to your organization's needs.

  • Who can I reach out to if I have specific questions that aren't addressed here?

    Please email any specific questions to Haley at hgarrison@mavenrec.com.